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Welcome to UJK

They played and wrote music in their teen and early adult years, but gave up performing when they married and started to have children. They continued to write and play for their own entertainment.


Joe and Sean, the youngest and oldest of eleven children, got together to write some arrangements for songs they had written over the years. After awhile they felt like they wanted to play their music for an audience just to see how it would be received. Joe then contacted an old high school friend who he had played music with years before. His friend, Lee added fullness and organization to the group, and their music started to gel.

They started playing local coffee houses, restaurants, and fairs, rapidly gaining a fan base.


They now have a tremendous following, appealing to a wide range of people of various ages and backgrounds. They perform an eclectic collection of  blues,  jazz and folk with a dash of blue grass, and a hint of R&B.


Approximately fifty percent of their performance consists of their own music with a mixture of popular and more obscure tunes from the past.

Uncle Joe

Singer | Songwriter | Guitar | Arrangements | Bounty Hunter

Uncle Joe was born in the lower bottoms of Washington, DC. He began pickin’ guitar at the age of 45 and now knows the names of many of the chords he plays. An avid croquet enthusiast, Joe devotes countless hours to this greatly maligned sport.


Singer | Songwriter | Bass |  Arrangements | Sporadic Weather Observations

Sean began smokin’ cigars at the tender age of 12 and was criticized for it. It has always been his dream to make his mark in the world of music as compensation for his youthful indiscretions. He is currently the focus of a Government study of the effects of deep thought on the human brain. Results are mixed.

Lonesome Lee

Guitar | Bass | Drums | Spoons | Arrangements | Bikini Inspector

Lee was born and raised in the Glen Burnie swamps by a pack of Wolverines. He was 8 years old when he  picked-up his first pair of sticks. He’s been whalin’ and whackin’ for many years now and is well known for it. Lee is frightened by the thought of getting a real job, and has been successful in surviving in the wild on a diet consisting solely of Mountain Dew and pretzels. He’s currently writing his new book entitled “Outwitting Squirrels.” Visit Lee over at Bluzman Music to check out his latest cigar box amps and vintage instruments